Our 2016 Outfront Events

Sat March 5th 2016


Sat 23rd April 2016

Mon 16th May/ 13th June / 11th July 2016

Escape from Ireland Swim
Sun 3rd July 2016

Quest Achill

Sat September 3rd 2016

run-a-muck, Runamuck Organiser
Super New Location at Coolcarrigan Estate

Sat September 24th 2016

Sun October 9th 2016

Sat November 5th 2016

This calendar lists many of the off-road, multisport and adventure racing events that we know of for 2015


NEWS:- National Adventure Series 2015 List Available Here

MSAI's own Event List for 2015 is included in calendar below - All National AR Series evens are also listed

Also included are lots of other events that you might be interested in- Scroll down to see our 2015  MSAI events

If you have a G-Mail account you can merge this "multisportireland" calendar with your own calendar as it is available on a "public shared" basis.

For events that MSAI / Outfront are involved in the organisations of please follow the appropriate link on the MSAI Home Page or scroll down here to see listing.

Should you wish to have your event details included here please e-mail your request and event details to info@msai.ie

Inclusion of Non-MSAI / Outfront Events on this list is for info and does not imply any implicit recommendation of events

MSAI's/ Outfront 2015 Event List 

Runamuck Spring Challenge - Sat 7th March 2015 yes

Urban Trail Series - St Anne's Park - Sun 22nd March 2015 yes

Urban Trail Series - Tymon Park - Sun 19th April 2015

Howth Aquathon - Race 1 - 25th May 2015 - enlightened

Howth Aquathon - Race 2 - 29th June 2015 - enlightened

Escape from Ireland Swim - 12th July 2015 - enlightened

Howth Aquathon - Race 3 - 27th July 2015 - enlightened

Achill Roar - Sat 5th Sept 2015 - enlightened

Athlone 3/4 Marathon - Sun 4th Oct 2015 - enlightened

Runamuck Autumn Challenge - Sat 17th Oct 2015 - enlightened

Glendalough "Fighting Blindness" Trail Run - Sat 31st Oct 2015 - enlightened



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