Our 2017 Outfront Events

Sat March 11th 2017 yes


Sat 8th April 2017yes

Mon 22nd May/ 19th June / 17th July 2017

Escape from Ireland Swim
Sun 9th July 2017

Quest Achill

Sat September 9th 2017

run-a-muck, Runamuck Organiser
Sat September 23rd 2017

Sun October 8th 2017

Sat November 18th 2017

Multisport Adventure Ireland was formed in 2010 with the aim of providing top quality, value for money single and multi-discipline sports events and specialist training for all levels of adventure racers

We rebranded as Outfront Events in 2013 but it is same people here yes

We specialise in sporting event development from conception and design through to planning, managing and execution.

We can operate either on a partnership or consultancy basis and can carefully convert good ideas into quality and sustainable events.

Our full 2017 events list is now published on our Home Page

We are here to provide:-

To find out more please contact Paul at: info@msai.ie or phone 086-3503994

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