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What the Participants said about past Runamuck Challenge events

1. Cathy Molloy:

Hi Paul,
Congratulations on Run-a-Muck!! It was thee most enjoyable "running" event I have ever done - bar none. Fair play to ye it was absolutely brilliant and I will definitely be doing it again.


2. Captain Maeve O Grady - Army Cadet School

Hi Paul, We had a great day and the atmosphere at the race was great. We thought the race went very well. There was a bit of bunching at the obstacles but it did'nt really matter because we were just doing it for the craic. I thought the obstacles were very good and the race just flew by. Thanks a mil for organising the race, the cadets loved it and all for a good cause!


3. Jackie Douglas

Well we finished our run a muck on Saturday. First timers. We had a brilliant time, it was so so so exciting, though hard, will know to train a bit more next time. We have not laughed so much in years, and still laughing. Will certainly be doing it next time, with a few more friends and family with us. Loved the guys on the mikes encouraging us to keep going to the finish line.It was great to see so many people and no shortage of help from other participants when needed, especially for me as I am quite small and got stuck a few times in the muck,I was laughing so much I couldn't help myself get out.

Thanks a million.
Jackie Douglas

4. Mick Walsh

Dear Paul,
I just want to say a big thank you to you and all those involved in organising the Run- a - Muck challange. It was an amazing day and the camradrie out on the course was heart warming- I have no doubt I wont feel so supple or so generous tommorow or for the rest of the week. I do however look forward to competing in your next event. Once again I wish to express my gratitude to you, the rest of the organisers and the people who generally worked at the event for giving me such an enjoyable day.

Kind regards
Mick Walsh

5. Ray Lonergan

Hi Paul,
How are things. Just after getting back home from the few pints after the Muck Run earlier! Just want to say it was a absolutely great day, brilliantly organised and a great way to raise cash for the township trust. The track was great crack and really testing (personally I was delighted with my 25 min 30 sec time!!). I heard you saying something earlier about maybe running another one later in the year and after talking to a good few people after the event, I would be surpised if everyone didn't come back again, so here's hoping we can have another crack at it again sooner rather than later! Looking forward to hearing from Run a Muck again!

All the best,

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